The Invisible Parenting Handbook

My philosophy in life has always been that we all (when we are being our best selves) have something wonderful we are meant to share. Many have told me my expectations are too high. I have also been told I trust too much and forgive too often.

Here's why all of those things are true, and will not be changing anytime soon. If I expect the best for (and from) those around me, I have found they will too. If I am open and vulnerable to others, we are able to open up our best selves as we release the fears around us. When we release our fears, we see abundance in ourselves and our communities.

You may think this is a tall order. Yes. How it will get done? I have no earthly idea. But I do know with all of us listening to our hearts and each other we can get there and we must. 


My first major project towards helping this shift happen is a parenting book. 

If you have a project you need help with, not financial at this point, but that you think I have the skill sets to help with, please shoot me an email. I am a great connector of people and am happy to contribute wherever needed. 


"In the most useful heart of the book, Hosford passes on her philosophies on Self-Soothing; Being Present; Boundaries, Rules and Manners; Nurturing Body and Soul; and Exploring the World. She reins in the digressions and maddening parenthetical phrases by breaking each section into ways to promote her goals at different ages."

| Wenda Reed |


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