• Shawn Hosford

29 Years and Counting

This past week Mark and I celebrated our 29th year of marriage. I feel blessed to have a partner who has been with me through thick and thin. Thankfully, his stubborn will and commitment to our vows has kept us together through miscommunications. We have weathered many storms that tirelessly tried to tear our relationship sails and sink our ship. Through each of these storms our commitment to each other and communication abilities are tested — they seem only to grow stronger. Storms decipher who will stand with you when it's most uncomfortable and therefore most needed.

It's such a gift to still be standing with Mark.

While sharing some the highlights of our wedding and subsequent years together over the past several days Mark and I talked about our extended family's hard work towards making our wedding day a beautiful, memorable, and tasty event. We laughed about my Mom’s and Mark’s interaction in making sure our wedding day went well. Nothing a little clear communication and compromise couldn't square away.

Not long ago we enjoyed a dinner with Mark’s college roommates and chatted about our college student and young adult days. They shared how they bet against our marriage lasting. I am delighted they were wrong.

This past week we received an anniversary card from Carly that shared her view of our years together. She noted our lackluster way of celebrating our anniversary. I trust we will work on improving that in the future. Maybe one day soon Mark will find the card and chocolate I tucked into his overnight gear this last weekend. The more important thing Carly noted is our honest and continually committed relationship. This honesty helps us through the constant of change with a foundation of commitment.

To think we ended up together because of a missed date between Mark and one of my roommates — practically seems like divine intervention.

As I look back over our years together, I am thankful for all of Mark’s unending support. I am also thankful for my own passion for activism and the related research he says adds to his life. We challenge each other to be better and to grow. The most important and impactful gift we have shared during our lives together has been the birth, parenting, and loving of Carly. Her presence in our lives has been a continually renewing source of energy and abundance.

As I continue to to be thankful for my relationship with Mark and Carly, I carry their love and support wherever I go.

Do you have relationships that have weathered storms? Are there people in your life that you can be completely honest with? Would reflecting on these committed relationships be worth a pause in your busy schedule?