• Shawn Hosford

If I Had Millions

My mind and heart love to play with solutions for a better country and world. From my imagination a better world would have: equity, no war, and would entail our living in complete harmony with nature. 

That's the big picture — my smaller picture has communities starting with fixes from the ground up. So when reading, watching, or listening I actively look for pioneers of our current ground up movements. Over the past six months I have found three people I would support if I had millions of dollars. I would then ask them to help me find others — snowball philanthropy.

The first of the three, in no particular order, is the insightful Winona LaDuke and her project, Honor the Earth.

The second is Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm. To learn more please go to:

And thirdly, Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson:

As I look at these three pioneers, I see imagination and hope for promising futures. They are all grappling with big issues of the land, our food, and communities in innovative ways. They are also members of majorly oppressed and resilient populations. With my millions, I also imagine major truth and reconciliation movements.

Let's say I had the ability to give each one of the above two women and man one million dollars, and as part of the gift I asked each of them to help me gift another million to one or more other enterprises they thought worthy. What could this wealth spread? My guess is the above people would have ideas and connections my mind would have never imagined. 

We could honor our Earth, teach people to feed themselves, and create safely caring and sustainable communities. 

Who would you give a million dollars to you if you could and why? Are there any organizations that you think could create a better future? Can you help them in other ways if you don't have a million dollars?