• Shawn Hosford

Messengers in My Life

On my daily walks I am often blessed with seeing local wildlife. This past week I was gifted with an owl, a wild rabbit, a hummingbird, two towhees sharing a patch of grass with a mouse, a peregrine falcon, and a pileated woodpecker. Most of these creatures watched Moe (our chocolate lab) and I as we ambled through their space. 

When being blessed with the presence of one of these fine creatures I often think about the messages they might be bringing. Was the owl hinting at wisdom and visions of things to come? Was the mouse doing it's part to get me to pay attention to the smallest of details? Was the peregrine falcon that landed at eye level, doing its best to alert me to my readiness for the future as I focus on the details in my plans?

Even if it is my own mind that works to make sense of what I see around me, I am thankful for presence, for my daily walks, and for an abundant woods. 

Do you find messages or signs in the happenings in your life?