• Shawn Hosford


At the women's conference that I attended last week, one of the female speakers talked about resetting the definitions of words. One of her examples was the word power. She took a definition from Merriam-Webster: A source or means of supplying energy, especially electricity, magnification, and plural — an order of angels.

All of these definitions were spot on for the Mother's Day I was blessed with on Sunday. As I prepared breakfast for family and friends I was able to chat with my mother and then our daughter on the phone — A blessing on both counts. Making my day even more worthy, Carly donated in my name to Mamas Day Bailout. 

When the guests arrived we soaked up food, fuel, and fellowship on the back deck surrounded by our beautiful garden. Our yard remains one of my favorite spots in this harried city.

Just the day before, on Saturday, Mark gifted me time with my amazing garden Wonder Woman. She and I prepared the beds while he cleaned both decks, the pathways, and our driveway. Our day was productive and paid off in spades.

As I ate my Sunday meal, I thought about what a joy it is to enjoy the company of loved ones among the peaceful embrace of our yard. I thought about how I replenish my energy in respite moments like this and how angels might be present to provide us with these moments. The love and laughter was resplendent as we shared our time together.

After breakfast and a long visit we went for walk in the woods with our dogs. They enjoyed themselves and our conversation remained inspiring. My friend reminded me of a book I needed to reread. I also received two sweet texts from people Carly’s age with regards to Mother's Day.

When we got back I looked at the lovely flowers Carly had sent, sat in the yard with a friend and a neighbor, and continued to be thankful for a powerful day.

After everyone left, Moe (our dog) laid on the lawn by my side as I wrote this week’s post.

I hope to continue the practice of resetting and reclaiming the meaning of my words.

How do you define powerful moments? Are you interested in resetting the definition of some of your words? Do you think we can shift our communities and conversations with these resets?