• Shawn Hosford

Third Time's a Charm

This weekend after finishing two blog posts I decided I should write a third. The first helped me  vent some huge personal frustrations and insights on a project I have been wrestling for the past several months. The next was a fluff piece about my love for Moe, our chocolate Labrador, detailing her happiness and love of life. Then I sat down one more time to engage in my weekly ritual - stream of conscienceless writing. 

Today I am thankful for the practice and discipline of my weekly blogs. Often when I sit down to write I have no idea what will come to mind. This week, after attempts one and two, I was left appreciating how therapeutic this practice has become. 

When writing the first post words flew out of me in a palpable urgency. After I finished, I decided not to post it as it was too personal for me and others involved in the story (project). That said, I read it aloud to a dear friend as tears flowed. I was able to release the energy that had steadily built up. The next blog, about Moe and our past three dogs, brought me back to center. After writing and reading aloud the first post and writing the other, I went out into the garden to enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon. Barefoot in the garden, I discovered more peace.

In this harried and stressful world many of us struggle to find places of peace. Mark’s and my home and garden have become a refuge for me. I can count on a happy greeting from Moe every time I return to our home. A barefoot walk in the garden always reminds me of the grounding sacredness of Earth. Our home and the love shared within its walls surrounds us and infuses our souls. 

During my awakening over the past decade, the land, our animal companions, and our home have been my refuge. I am so thankful to share all these important blessings with Mark, Carly (when she comes for a visit) and all who come to share food and conversation in our home or garden.

When do you find peace? Do you have a daily or weekly practice that helps you sort things out? If not, can you start one? What do your friends and relatives do? Have you ever asked?